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Computer Set-up

What are administrator rights and how do I use them?

An administrator account is an operating system user account that lets you make changes that will affect other users. Administrators can change security settings, install software and hardware, and access all files on the computer.

For details on how to determine whether you have administrator rights on your computer, refer to our Knowledge Base article on administrator rights or privileges.

How do I configure my browser's cookie settings?

To use MathXL for School, your browser must accept cookies, which are used to keep track of who you are when you move from one web page to another.

For detailed information on enabling cookies, refer to our Knowledge Base search results for cookie settings and click on the link for the browser you are using.

How do I know if my computer is ready to run MathXL for School?

Your computer needs to be properly configured to run your MathXL for School course using the Pearson Browser Check. It’s best to run the Browser Check from inside your MathXL for School course. When you log into your course, you will see a Browser Check link in the upper right corner of your screen (next to your name).

You can also run the Browser Check from the Browser Check area of this site.

Note: You must have administrator rights to install software on your computer. You will also need to confirm pop-up blocker and cookie settings. If you are unfamiliar with these topics, the information above will guide you.

Why can't I run MathXL for School in my browser?

In most courses, you can use recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari to work in your course. View supported configurations.

Some Internet providers, such as AOL, offer their own proprietary browsers, which are not compatible with MathXL for School. To work in your course, you must minimize the proprietary browser and open a supported browser.

What if pop-up blockers are preventing windows from appearing?

Pop-up blockers or ad-blockers may prevent you from installing components and from using your course. You should configure these programs to allow pop-ups from MathXL.com before running the Browser Check or trying to use any part of your course. For detailed information on disabling or configuring a pop-up blocker, refer to our Knowledge Base article on pop-up blockers.

Logging into Your Course

I forgot my login name and password. How can I get them again?

You can retrieve your username and password by submitting an online request form (available from the MathXL for School homepage and Sign In page). When completing this form, be sure to enter the e-mail address you used to register for MathXL for School. Your login information will be sent only to this e-mail address. If you cannot remember that email address, no longer have access to it, or need additional assistance, ask your teacher to call Pearson's Teacher Support at 888-695-6577.

How do I login and create a course for my students?
  1. Go to www.mathxlforschool.com and click the Sign In button.
  2. Enter the username and password you created during registration.
  3. You will see a screen with a link to Create or copy a course. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a course.
  4. Record the Course ID for your course. Your students will need the Course ID in order to enroll in your course.
I'm taking over for a teacher who is leaving the school; how do I transfer their existing course to me?

You will need to change the email address, the login name, and the password for the departing teacher’s account. You will need to do this by contacting Pearson’s Teacher Support at 888-695-6577.